S5P6 – Leather Gay v. Sex Gays, IML/MAL 2022, Gay Host Hotels, & Gay Days Disney

In this pigisode, Brian makes several announcements about upcoming parties happening in Florida like the Masked Ball at the Eagle Wilton Manor as well as Pig Week Fort Lauderdale. Rick announced that Veteran’s Day is next week and how the holiday parties are approaching. Rick mentions the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) 2022 party quickly approaching in January. Rick praises the Leather community for how inclusive and inviting the community and Brian countered that opinion with his own and shared his experiences – good and bad. Rick went on to mention what MAL is and how important it is to stay at the host hotel. What’s a host hotel? How’s it different from any other hotel? They explain how they are the same thing and when they are different. The conversation segues to the IML (International Mister Leather) party in Chicago, Illinois. What’s it and why it is so important in the gay leather community. Rick and Brian quickly explain leather contests and competition. Rick changes the subject to another big event happening next year – Atlantis 30th Anniversary Gay Cruise, a cruise that sold out in a matter on days. With all this conversation on parties, Rick and Brian shared why gay camps play a pivotal role in filling the gap on not living in a gay city. Brian later on discusses Gay Days at Disney, what is it and how the Pulse Nightclub shooting changed their culture at their theme parks.